DoubleViewCasting Episode 0079 CASTING - Scarlett
[DoubleViewCasting] Episode 0079 CASTING - Scarlett
Featuring: Scarlett
Age: 20
Hardcore: yes
Oral sex: yes
Anal sex: yes

We already had this insatiable teen slut Scarlett in one of our videos and now she comes back to get an extra portion of hardcore anal fucking. She gets her voluptuous ass fucked from all possible angles and leaves us with a nice load of cum smeared all over her slutty teen face.

DoubleViewCasting Episode 0038 CASTING - Jana B
[DoubleViewCasting] Episode 0038 CASTING - Jana B
Featuring: Jana B
Age: 19
Hardcore: yes
Oral sex: yes
Anal sex: yes

Horny teen nympho loves having her ass stuffed with hard meat It is easy to be seduced by this charming brunette teen - she looks so young when she comes to the casting and you already want to see her most delicious parts in action. She definitely knows how to use her tiny asshole on a cock to deserve a hot load in her mouth.

DoubleViewCasting Episode 0036 CASTING - Sofia
[DoubleViewCasting] Episode 0036 CASTING - Sofia
Featuring: Sofia
Age: 18
Hardcore: yes
Oral sex: yes
Anal sex: yes

It is easy to be seduced by this charming brunette teen - she looks so young and beautiful when she comes to the porn casting and you already want to see her most delicious parts in action. She definitely knows how to use her tiny asshole on a huge cock to deserve a hot sperm load in her mouth.

DoubleViewCasting Episode 0033 CASTING - Julia
[DoubleViewCasting] Episode 0033 CASTING - Julia
Featuring: Julia
Age: 18
Hardcore: yes
Oral sex: yes
Anal sex: yes

This petite beauty might seem to be a good girl, but we've already seen how bad she can get! After her debut on, she comes to the porn casting to have her slim body bent over and trembling from sweet sensations in her little asshole and then get a huge cum load on her teeny face!

Episode 0121 Collie
Date added: 31 March 2011
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0121 Collie
Featuring: Collie
This blonde came to the big city from the countryside hoping to make some money for living. All jobs seem dull and boring to this ambitious teen and she finds that selling her anal virginity is the most exciting way to get money and give in to sins and vices that the city is full of. She comes straight to our studio and this is where the magic happens. After showing off her voluptuous body with nice teen titties and delicious butt, she was ready to show us how tight her lovely holes are. Lying on her stomach and spreading her ripe booty, this horny teen slut was waiting for her first anal penetration, and when it happened, she hungrily swallowed every inch of the cock with her elastic rosebud. She cant deny that anal sex is actually more pleasant than she has imagined in her wet dreams, so she was bouncing her ass on our actors dick like a pornstar, gasping for air and moaning from exceeding pleasure and excitement.

Episode 0102 Lindsey
Date added: 15 November 2010
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0102 Lindsey
Featuring: Lindsey
After we saw this adorable blond babe pleasing hard dick on doubleviewcasting with her tiny butthole, we were sure that it wouldn't take long till she comes to our studio again and expose her amazing booty for hardcore fucking. She is as hot as it gets - adorable face with big blue eyes and lovely smile, pert teen breasts that are so fun to play with and fantastic round ass with a tiny pink hole that is begging to be stuffed with hard man meat. She goes hot and horny when our guy fondles her soft skin and sensationally licks her little pussy, but this young slut loves to be pushed harder. Her face expression is full of delight when she gets bent on the couch and made to spread her delicious buttcheeks to open her little chocolate hole for an erected cock. Even though her anal orifice was so tight and tiny, it managed to fit almost the whole pulsing rod stretching wider with every thrust till it was left gaping wide open.

Episode:LetsPlayLez v93017 Wild plays with Ioana and Lisa
Release date: 2011.05.25
Starring: Ioana, Lisa
[LetsPlayLez] v93017 Wild plays with Ioana and Lisa
When it comes to lesbian plays, the most obvious choices are the two cute teens, Ioana and Lisa. These girls practically live and die for pussies, especially for each others'. It is hard to find an occasion when they are not making out, not a wonder, that we managed to catch them in action. Curious? Don't hesitate to check their video then!

Episode 25: Blonde Gets Bruised
Date added: October 15, 2009
Featuring: Carla Cox
[AssTitans] Episode 25: Blonde Gets Bruised
ACTION: DP group fuck
Carla arrives on the hood of a Mercedes with her legs chained to the car.After her pussy ride around Las Vegas she comes inside for one of the nastiest fetish fucks Asstitans has done.Within ten minutes she's got a giant bruise on her thigh from getting pounded in the ass so hard, she's swallow both cocks whole, swallowed cum, came herself, and taken a DP banging-and there's still 23 minutes to go!Hot Czech blonde + two aggressive cockslingers = hard, slippery fucking. You will be exhausted.

Episode: v16262 Teaching Betty Stylle
Release date: 2010.11.26
Starring: Betty Stylle, Chaty Heaven
[TeachMeFisting] v16262 Teaching Betty Stylle
Betty loves to learn new things, especially when it comes to sex and masturbation. She's tried fingering and dildos but when it came to learning how to fist herself she turned to fisting expert Chaty Heaven. The two girls got comfortable, and soon enough Betty's pussy got super wet and she relaxed and let it get wide open, and by the end her fist was going in and out, just like a pro!

ep21 2009-04-06 Juanita Fists Francesca
Juanita & Francesca
[FistingInAction] ep21 2009-04-06 Juanita Fists Francesca
It starts off with Juanita modeling alone for our photographer in her living room. This tan beauty is donned in a lovely black and white dress that reveals only so much to titillate your imagination and make your cock stand up and take notice. Then Francesca comes over. It is now her turn in the spotlight. Adorned in a slutty red silk dress, she knows what it takes to please a man – and a woman, for that matter. She understands fully the power of the fist. But first, Juanita overtakes her. She wants to dominate Francesca, show her who’s boss. Francesca has a tough time accepting Juanita ’s entire hand up her twat, but finally gives in to the orgasmic pleasure her fist girlfriend’s provides. Then it is Francesca’s turn to do what she loves best – that is, sticking her entire arm up Juanita’s tight cunt.

ep4 2008-09-12 Wet Pussy Fisting
Candy and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep4 2008-09-12 Wet Pussy Fisting
Candy is a filthy slut next-door type who is really up for almost anything when it comes to sex. The thing is, despite her young age, Candy has had so much sex already that she quickly gets bored and has been on a mission of late to find a new way of getting off. Thankfully, one of her girlfriends has come up with a new idea. As soon as she explained it to Candy over the telephone, Candy’s pussy started to get wet. She invited her over immediately to try it. As she was waiting for her friend to arrive, Candy loosened herself up a bit by masturbating. By the time her friend got there, she was so horny, she was on the verge of squirting pussy juice. Her wet pussy proved to be a perfect fit for her good friend’s fist!

Episode: v16169 Teaching Nikky
Name: Kissy, Nikky Thorne
[TeachMeFisting] v16169 Teaching Nikky
Introducing a brand new girl in porn, we're back with some tremendous fisting updates! Here's a barely legal cock-hungry bitch named Nikky who's brave enough to plunge right into her very first pussy stretching lessons! Kissy comes handy, as she'll push her full fist into Nikky's wet teen hole... better watch it yourselves!

Episode: v16107 Teaching Andrea Black
Name: Andrea Black, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16107 Teaching Andrea Black
Andrea Black is a not so young chick, who's really into this fitness thing, body building and training, so to say. But I wonder... how flexible is her pussy? Has she trained her pussy muscles as well? We have a nice device called fucking machine to test her pussy... and then Kissy comes into the picture, too!

Episode: v16088 Teaching Selena
Name: Leanna Sweet, Selena
[TeachMeFisting] v16088 Teaching Selena
Another Romanian newbie here, she's called Selena and she is just about to make her debut in porn. Once she made up her mind to be a hc actress, well, we need to train her pussy first to make sure she's capable of entering the jizz biz. Our sweet helper Leanna is at hand and she happily assist, when it comes to pussy stretching!