Episode: DpFanatics v6414 When Daddy is away...
Release date: 2014.11.09
[DpFanatics] v6414 When Daddy is away...
Starring: Kitana Lure.
oky and Toby are colleagues. They work together with Kitana's dad for a few years now. They came to his house to chat with him about future business plans but they find only his beautiful, kinky daughter, Kitana at home. They decide to wait for him and while they are waiting, they have some fun with the horny girl.

Episode: DpFanatics v6413 Slutty Nurse
Release date: 2014.10.12
[DpFanatics] v6413 Slutty Nurse
Starring: Susan Ayn.
One patient to be checked, one horny doctor and a slutty nurse... an ideal setup for some naughty hospital adventure. What Susan does is a very good treatment for anyone, especially, if the patient's only problem is an intensive pussy withdrawal. Well, it is soon to be doctored...

Episode: DpFanatics v6412 Cock-obsessed Anita
Release date: 2014.10.12
[DpFanatics] v6412 Cock-obsessed Anita
Starring: Anita Bellini.
Petite nympho Anita Bellini is simply insatiable. Her cock-obsession and her constantly hungry pussy drives her into new and new sex adventures. The guys, Csoky and Toby, have to show their maximum to feed the girl's lust even for a short time... but again, who wouldn't be the willing victim of the Anita's sexual appetite?

Episode: DpFanatics v6411 Ass Seduction
Release date: 2014.09.28
[DpFanatics] v6411 Ass Seduction
Starring: Samia Duarte.
The sexy underwear model Samia delivers again, conquering the heart of both the stylist and the photographer only with putting her beautiful, bouncy ass into line. She knows how to shake it and neither Toby nor Zack can resist to the temptation to stick their cock into her tight holes.

Episode: DpFanatics v6410 Foxhole
Release date: 2014.09.14
[DpFanatics] v6410 Foxhole
Starring: Dominica Fox.
No... when we say foxhole, we don't talk about the defensive strategy! It is a totally different battlefield. Besides, Victor and Toby make love, not war, when they go for a fox hunt and 'invade' Dominica Fox's tight, sexy holes with their big cocks. Pussy and ass penetrated, they have a hot, sexy struggle to an end where there are only winners.

Episode: DpFanatics v6409 Regular Misconception
Release date: 2014.09.01
[DpFanatics] v6409 Regular Misconception
Starring: Kristall Rush.
It happens quite often, especially in Victor and Zack's studio. What happens, you may ask? Well, that the model gets a good hard banging. Just like it happened with a hot vixen called Kristall, who signed up for a photo shooting, and ended up with a cock both in her ass and pussy... not that she minded it. It was the sexiest shooting of her life.

Episode: DpFanatics v6408 A tasty sandwich
Release date: 2014.08.17
[DpFanatics] v6408 A tasty sandwich
Starring: Lana Roberts.
Lana Roberts got into a sandwich where she is the taste feeling. The bread is Csoky and Zack and they bang the girl from two sides. Those cocks really explore her moist depth when they slide into her mouth, pussy and ass. Lana really loves the treatment... probably it is her favorite sandwich.

Episode: DpFanatics v6407 Easy Decision
Release date: 2014.08.03
[DpFanatics] v6407 Easy Decision
Starring: Adelia.
When we asked Adelia if she wants to make love with two guys she was quick to say yes. An easy decision for a pleasure-hunter like her. Well, we wish everything would be so easy. We invited Victor and Csoky to the session to bang the cute redhead, giving her a hot and hard DP... just the way she likes it.

Episode: DpFanatics v6406 Blonde Temptress
Release date: 2014.07.20
[DpFanatics] v6406 Blonde Temptress
Starring: Vanda Lust.
We know what a dirty little mind Vanda has. She can be one slutty vixen if she wants to be, and the idea to fuck two men at the same times maker her pussy soaking wet. So when she has the chance to be alone in the bar with two handsome studs, she makes her move. With one cock in the pussy and one in the ass finally she seems to be happy.

Episode: DpFanatics v6405 No Time for Paperwork
Release date: 2014.07.06
[DpFanatics] v6405 No Time for Paperwork
Starring: Macy.
There are so much paperwork to do, still, cock hungry Macy is more interested in her colleague's dick. The pretty little accountant cannot help herself and pops Victor's cock out and starts to suck it. Toby, the third in the office is quick to join into the fun, and soon Macy finds herself with one shaft in her pussy and another in her ass

Episode: DpFanatics v6404 Take a ride
Release date: 2014.06.22
[DpFanatics] v6404 Take a ride
Starring: Mira Cuckold.
Mira is a girl for macho guys, fast bikes, and good hardcore sex. She doesn't get scared if she has to handle two cocks at the same time, not even if they are as big as these. With one dick in the pussy and another deep in her asshole, Mira seems to be in her element. But can she take the pounding, you may wonder? Just watch!

Episode: DpFanatics v6403 The best of the Corps
Release date: 2014.06.08
[DpFanatics] v6403 The best of the Corps
Starring: Angie Koks.
Sergeant Angie Koks is the hottest member of the Corps, and one of the best when it comes to interrogation. Of course, she has different... talents, so she uses different methods to make her prisoners talk. If she gets her own fun in the process, like this DP extravaganza, it is all the better.

Episode: DpFanatics v6402 Make it Double!
Release date: 2014.05.25
[DpFanatics] v6402 Make it Double!
Starring: Jay Dee.
Most girls prefer to have a single partner in bed, but not busty Jay Dee. She doubles the usual number, because she cannot resist to the temptation to feel two hard cocks inside her body at the same time. So we rushed to get our camera and record the whole DP session for you.

Episode: DpFanatics v6401 Sharing Sabrina
Release date: 2014.05.11
[DpFanatics] v6401 Sharing Sabrina
Starring: Sabrina Moore.
Zack and Lutro are good friends. They share everything, even girls, and when Zack first meets Sabrina, he thinks that Lutro would love to try this girl on his cock. So he organizes a meeting, and they bang the hot brunette in her ass and pussy at the same time.

Episode: DpFanatics v6400 Small girls like it big
Release date: 2014.04.27
[DpFanatics] v6400 Small girls like it big
Starring: Brenda Martinez.
Victor and Leslie put the petite but busty Brenda into a cock sandwich, and one can only wonder how do two big dicks like theirs able to disappear in such a small girl like Brenda. But nevertheless they do, and Brenda seems to enjoy to be impaled on the massive shafts, creaming again and again riding on them.

Episode: DpFanatics v6399 DP History
Release date: 2014.04.13
[DpFanatics] v6399 DP History
Starring: Tina Hot.
Let us take you a trip to the past. We'll reveal a part of the history which weren't mentioned in the history books. Today we guide you back to the 20s where alcohol was forbidden, but sex was free. Witness the story of two tough gentlemen and a lady of the night, in a hardcore perspective it was never told before.