AnalCheckup Teena Anal beads, huge dildo, nice gape!
[AnalCheckup] Teena Anal beads, huge dildo, nice gape!
Starring: Teena
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[AnalCheckup] Demi aka Angel Rivas perfect ass gape
Starring: Demi
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Episode: AssholeFever v8146 Virgin ass
Release date: 2007.06.27
[AssholeFever] v8146 Virgin ass
Starring: Kyra Black
Kyra Black was a pussy-only babe - until we persuaded her to try out anal! How did this happen? Well, we asked her to insert one tiny finger into the pooper... then another... next thing she realized was that a real dick is trying to penetrate her tight virgin asshole!

Starring: Eve Smile, Kissy
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Episode 0131 Zuzana
Date added: 18 June 2011
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0131 Zuzana
Featuring: Zuzana
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Episode: LetsPlayLez v93012 Wild plays with Bettie and Olga
Release date: 2011.04.20
Starring: Olga Z., Bettie

[LetsPlayLez] v93012 Wild plays with Bettie and Olga

For Bettie and Olga, men are out of the question. The only things they are interested in are pussies, pussies and more pussies. With that in mind, it is not a big surprise that the two ladies always find the time and place to share some pleasure with each other. A tongue, a finger, or even a dildo in the snatch is exactly what these girls need.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72028Anal teen angel Karlie
Release date: 2009.06.28
Starring: Karlie
[AnalTeenAngels] v72028 Anal teen angel Karlie
Karlie invited her friend, Timo over to study together for their following exam, but while waiting, Karlie fell asleep. So when Timo arrive he found her sleeping. As he was watching her he imagined what her pussy could be like, and became so interested that he even checked it. Karlie didn't wake up until Timo stuck his finger up to her pussy. Karlie opened her eyes and asked him what the hell he was doing but he didn't answer with words, he just showed her his hard cock. He fucked her hard and Karlie asked him to fuck her in her tight ass, too for she loves that so!

ep17 2009-03-09 Fisting by the Fireplace
Natalie & Laura
[FistingInAction] ep17 2009-03-09 Fisting by the Fireplace
Blonde petite Natalie has a very hungry pussy, and only one person knows how to satisfy her deep longings. That person is her girlfriend Laura. In this special Fisting in Action edition, we get to see Laura give it to Natalie good. After lubing up her fist, she slides one finger at a time deep into Natalie’s vag until the entire thing is up inside her. Once Natalie is totally satisfied, she decides to do a good deed – and return the favor on Laura. Now Laura needs a lot of loosening – she has never taken a fist inside her before. Thankfully Natalie’s hands aren’t too too big. Just big enough to do the trick! She shoves her hand in well up to the wrist, flexing each of her fingers until she gets her girlfriend’s twat nice and stretched. And we captured the whole thing on film so that the girls will never forget this momentous occasion!

ep2 2008-08-29 Lesbian Fisters
Jane and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep2 2008-08-29 Lesbian Fisters
Jane is a ferociously sexy beauty who shows off a lot of her body as she models her new lingerie outfit. Of particular note is the fact that she is wearing no panties, allowing us ready access to her hot shaved twat and perfectly formed ass. Her body looks so good; you could just… sink a fist right into her. Which is exactly what her girlfriend proceeds to do, fucking her pussy and ass with her arm. Her twat might be tight in the beginning, but by the time her girlfriend finishes the slutty wet job, she will be able to take nearly anything inside her. The same goes for her luscious ass, which is delicately expanded as her lesbian lover softly slides first one finger, then two, then her entire hand up Jane’s lickable and fuckable rear. These dykes certainly don’t need a dick to have a good time!