BrutalInvasion Jocelyn
[BrutalInvasion] Jocelyn gangbang
Starring: Jocelyn
Jocelyn is a teen princess with a really hot body. No wonder every guy wants to bang her! She gets forced into a gangbang and there is no way out of it. These guys make her swallow their hard dicks one at the time while the others watch and jerk off. She looks hot lying on the bed and getting fucked deep in her throat. Her teen mouth gets invaded by so many cocks that her make-up starts dripping in tears. Then, after the group enjoyed her gagging skills, they give this skank the cum shower she deserves.

BrutalInvasion Lavanda brutally fucked
[BrutalInvasion] Lavanda brutally fucked
Starring: Lavanda
Lavanda is a lovely teen, that seems to be extremely innocent, and that's why watching her unleashed is an ultimate delight. She gets face-fucked by a cock so big that barely fits into her slutty mouth. This teen doll takes it deep into her delicate holes without hesitation, and with her face down and ass up, her pussy gets brutally fucked. After her twat is devastated, her fuck buddy gives her a deepthroat that she'll certainly remember. Even with her face covered in spunk you can still see in her eyes that brutal fucking is her favorite thing to do.

RoxyRaye No More Fake Cocks!
Added 01/13/2011
[RoxyRaye] No More Fake Cocks!
Starring: Roxy Raye
I don't mean "no more" ever again... just for this week's update, lol. You guys have requested that I have a little interaction with a real cock, and I always try to do what I'm told, so this update is for you guys. :-) A sloppy, wet blowjob followed by a good fucking and finger...