Episode 63: Maid for sex
[Clara-G] Episode 63: Maid for sex
Added: 30-03-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Angel Pink
Listen guys, have you ever heard the saying "good help is hard to find"? Well this maybe true but just try finding good help who's also a dildomaniac, it's almost impossible let me tell you. But since doing impossible shit just happens to be one of my hobbies I gave it my best shot and came up with the amazing Angel Pink. Her entire resume consisted of the fact that she likes fucking herself with two dildos in both holes at the same time...I hired her immediately. And once I caught this crazy bitch cleaning the house and talking to herself with a huge dildo stuck up her ass I knew it was a wise decision because "hard help is good to find".

Episode: v16174 Teaching Giggy
Name: Giggy, Mia Moon
[TeachMeFisting] v16174 Teaching Giggy
Giggy is the maid of Bruno and Mia. It was a hard day for her, she had a lot to do around the house but she did a great job, so at the end of the day she sat on the counter proudly. Her two bosses, Bruno and Mia were satisfied with Giggy’s work, too, so decided to appreciate everything she had done for them. They started patting her pussy, and first just stuck one or two fingers up there, but them they fisted her! That’s why she loves working for them! Not for the money but for such extras, as well. She is not only keen on doing the housework but also the dirty jobs!