Episode:TeachMeFisting v16334 Fisting Session with Mai Bailey
Release date: 2012.03.09
[TeachMeFisting] v16334 Fisting Session with Mai Bailey
Starring: Mai Bailey
Mai is a hard-boiled fisting professional, and she is ready to prove that. When she got an invite from Zoliboy himself, she was happy to fly over from the UK to attend on a fisting session. She isnt intimidated to have a mans bigger hand inside her she got use to have huge things in her pussy. As we said earlier, she is a pro!

Roxy Raye My First Black Cock Facial
Added 04/19/2012
[Roxy Raye] My First Black Cock Facial
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Lately, I've been fantasizing about fucking and sucking real cocks on camera. I haven't really had any other cocks on camera except for my boyfriend's cock, so I was excited to find another guy to play with. I got a chance to hook up with a cute black guy that was pretty local and said he was excited to play with me on camera. It's been such a huge turn on for me to think about my mouth grasping around a big black cock, as I've never experienced a black guy before. As soon as we met up, I was so excited I wanted to just rip his clothes off. Instead, I slowly undressed him and kissed all over until I reached his yummy black cock. I immediately put it in my mouth and started stroking it hard, feeling it grow big and long down my throat. Sucking him so much got me worked up like crazy. He started fisting my ass but I wanted more. I wanted to be fisted while sucking his long dick, so I did just that. He shoved his cock in my ass and pussy but I wanted to be a dirty slut and focus on making him cum orally. He finished on my face with a nice big load. I can't wait to try more cocks on camera. One fantasy I hope to fulfill in the future is two real cocks stuffing my ass. I hope to make it happen....

Episode: AssholeFever v8071 My my my...
Release date: 2006.06.22
[AssholeFever] v8071 My my my...
Starring: Malina.
My Malina, such a hot and sensual sweetheart. She said she's an anal virgin - well, but not for long! Take a look at how she stretches her bum with a glass toy before receiving a tough anal treatment from Frank!

Episode: AssholeFever v8053 Anal virgin
Release date: 2006.06.12
[AssholeFever] v8053 Anal virgin
Starring: Missy Nicole.
Missy Nicole is the ultimate filthy teen whore... She likes nothing better than a huge dick in her pussy. I didn't believed her when she said she's an anal virgin, so we decided it's high time to try her out!

Episode 0045 Iveta
Date added:07 October 2009
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0045 Iveta
Featuring: Iveta
We know the right places to hook up with some horny teens that are ready to loose anal virginity for cash. That time we went to the cheerleaders practice lesson. We spotted Iveta, because we were amazed by her grace and leg-stretching skills. Her short skirt showed us everything we wanted to see we were watching her tight ass in action with mouth wide open. After she was done with training we couldnt resist asking her if she wanted to earn some cash and expose her gorgeous ass one more time. Oh, those teens! Young and playful she agreed to continue leg stretching in our bedroom. She played with her small tits and pink pussy making blood flow to our cocks. After she was horny enough and asked for a throbbing cock inside her dripping wet vagina it was the right time to show that girlie some big guys tricks and fuck the shit out of her. When her tight pussy got drilled we said that it was just a warm up and started to prepare her butthole to be penetrated. So tight but elastic, her ass was fucked slowly first, but when it stretched enough to get the whole dick inside her anal expansion turned into a rabbit fuck, making her buttcheeks shake from banging. After she took cash she hinted that next time would be free for us.

Episode: CreampieReality v27005 Supercute fucked
Name: Nancy Bell
[CreampieReality] v27005 Supercute fucked
Remember Nancy? I said she's supercute. Well, she's even cuter when she's fucked in the ass in a doggy position. Or when se sucks the penis with great enthusiasm. Don't miss this video, she's hot as hell!

Episode: v16187 Teaching Bambi
Name: Bambi, Chanel
[TeachMeFisting] v16187 Teaching Bambi
The first lesson wasn't enough for Chanel, she is not completely clear with how to fist a hungry pussy. Chanel said said she would practice once more, this time Bambi's wet and hungry cunt is ready to teach Chanel to improve her fisting knowledge! Bambi will stretch out her pussy with a huge dildo first to make it sure that Chanel's fist can slip up easily! See how Bambi enjoys teaching Chanel, who is a persistent learner!

Episode: v16164 Teaching Katalin
Name: Katalin, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16164 Teaching Katalin
I couldn't believe my lich when a well-known glamour model Katalin walked into my studio and asked if I'm the one who teaches fisting. She said she wanted to try the ultimate pussy stretching with my female assistant, and oh boy how much she enjoyed that full fist in her tight young pussy... I wish all our new year updates to be the same!

Episode: v16151 Teaching Violett
Name: Kissy, Violett
[TeachMeFisting] v16151 Teaching Violett
When we saw Violett we wanted to send her home, I mean hey, after the cute and skinny teengirls, well, she's definitely not that type. But now we're glad we didn't... she knows something none of the skinny teens know: she' capable of double fisting! Yes dude, this means two fists in her wide-open pussy at the same time...! And I think we said enough, let the video do the rest!

Episode: v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Name: Cecilia Vega , Trisha
[TeachMeFisting] v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Woohoo, now look how we spend our summer! First it's Metallica concert, getting all started - then we meet this horny French pornstar Cecilia Vega! Man, isn't she HOT? She came here for some sex shootings. But once she's been here she said she must visit the fisting teachers too, so she came to our class and learned about pussy stretching a bit. So who and how fisted her pussy to the maximum? Well, take a look and you'll see...!

Episode: v16116 Teaching Suzi
Name: Petra M., Suzi
[TeachMeFisting] v16116 Teaching Suzi
Suzi is the girlfriend of one of my pals, and she's such a horny girl. She's been nagging me for months now, she wants to come over and check out a shooting of ours. Allright, I said to her, and after she saw what we do, well, next week she called me and said she too wants to try out herself in front of the camera. After a shoot with her boyfriend, she's back for a pussy stretching experience as well!

Episode: v16092 Teaching Mariya
Name: Mariya
[TeachMeFisting] v16092 Teaching Mariya
So guys, today I thought we should get out of that boring studio and give Mariya - our new fisting student - some exciting extremities. So I took her to our newly discovered bondage location, just because she said she's open to everything! Now Mariya, is this what you had in mind? I hope so!

Episode: v16070 Teaching Polly
Name: Petra M., Polly
[TeachMeFisting] v16070 Teaching Polly
Today a really young chick visited us, barely legal but naughty as hell. She said she did many wicked things in life so far - except for fisting. Hoo, if Polly wants to broaden her sexual boundaries I'm sure we can show her some of our dirtiest tricks!