Episode: AssholeFever v8155 Blonde in heat
Release date: 2007.07.27
[AssholeFever] v8155 Blonde in heat
Starring: Tira
Tira got so hot when having a sunbathe at the poolside. And what can she do when she's hot? Well, chill out with an erect penis in ass! Frank shows her how to do it and supplies the penis himself!

Episode: DpFanatics v6134 Sex massage
Release date: 2008.02.21
[DpFanatics] v6134 Sex massage
Starring: Tira.
I visited the massage parlour just because my girlfriend told me they have a new handsome massager... indeed, he was hot! And when he started to slide his hands up and down on my oiled-up body, I couldn't think of anything else but letting him fingerfuck my bubble butt, probing and stretching it for his huge cock! And my dreams eve

Episode: DpFanatics v6099 Three for Tira
Release date: 2007.07.05
[DpFanatics] v6099 Three for Tira
Starring: Tira.
Tira, this nasty blondine is getting ready for her first ever double penetration scene. And it's not just a simple DP, she's doing it with three guys at the same time!