Episode: DpFanatics v6029 Dreams come true
Release date: 2006.02.23
[DpFanatics] v6029 Dreams come true
Starring: Maya.
Maya actually was invited for a normal boy-girl scene, to tell you the truth. But right before the shooting she met Kid Jamaica, our black guy with big dick. And from this moment on, she wanted to have him. So what could the producer do? Let her choose and shoot a double penetration scene!

RoxyRaye Packing Fudge
Added 02/10/2011
[RoxyRaye] Packing Fudge
Starring: Roxy Raye
Catchy title, huh? Well, it couldn't be closer to the truth as I fuck a few fudgesicles in this week's messy update. This is especially for all of you guys that have requested more messy food updates... it doesn't get much messier than this!

ep33 2009-09-14 Don't Lose Your Bracelet In Her Pussy!
Teena and Monalee
[FistingInAction] ep33 2009-09-14 Don't Lose Your Bracelet In Her Pussy!
Fist Queen Teena and slutty Monalee may be good friends, but that doesn't mean Teena can resist the occasional torture of her friend's pussy! Okay, so in truth Monalee's pussy loves the attention, getting stretched to its limit first by a fist and then by an even larger, ribbed dildo that gets rammed into the tight hole over and over again - good thing Monalee's pussy is so damn wet or this would be some very unbearable business! Teena knows the fisting game extremely well by this point, after having satisfied so many young hotties, so we have no doubt that she can put on an entertaining show for both her victim pussy and her audience - we just hope she doesn't lose her gold bracelet down there in the pussy abyss!