Episode 88, 89: Tits, whips and tatoos - Part 1 and 2

Added: 16-11-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Sophia Santi , Chayse Evans
It is such a great pleasure for me to welcome back to Clara-G the incredible Sophia Santi. I really love this girl, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met, she has one of the biggest hearts in this business, she is so calm, so sweet and professional and that's why she is the one who gets to wear the strap-on. Chayse Evans however is a very naughty little girl who is in serious need of a good old fashioned chick dickin just like mama used to make...so pay attention. And these girls are not playing with Fisher Price toys, huge dildoes go deep down each throat, Chayse Evans gets fucked anal with a huge butt plug while I'm tap dancing with one foot deep in her pussy and Chayse also likes the whip...

Episode 86, 87: Sluts just wanna have fun - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 86, 87: Sluts just wanna have fun - Part 1 and 2
Added: 02-11-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Sophie Dee , Puma Swede
I gotta tell you guys, I am one seriously lucky fuck because next to donating free blow jobs to the homeless, working as a porn producer must be one of the most socially responsible things you can ever do for the community, I'm just happy that I can do my part. And while I'm on the subject of community pussy I'm pleased to announce that my two sweet girls Sophie Dee and Puma Swede stopped by for an outrageous fuck session. Now Sophie Dee is special because she can deep throat the Eiffel tower and smoke a cigarette at the same time...lucky bitch. I can't prove it but I'm sure Puma Swede's pussy is the real cause of global warming. Watch the trailer... both girls fuck themselves super dizzy.

Episode 84, 85: Two Fucking Hot - Part 1 and 2

Added: 10-10-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Brooke Haven , Nika Noire
Hi guys, I'm so fucking hyper because in this brand monkey spanking new episode of Clara-G.com I have a chance to work with not one but two super sexy porn starlets namely Brooke Haven and Nika Noire. I like these two girls, they chose the biggest and most serious sex toys in my whole collection and best of all they know how to use them. Both girls do some incredible cunt stretching with the help of some seriously oversized dildoes, and Brooke takes it hard in her hot sexy ass too. Nika Noire looks so freaky as she tries to deep throat that massive rubber dick. It was like winning the hottie lottery working with these two full time super sluts, I guess it's true what they say "there's no business like ho business".

Episode 82, 83: Home Alone - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 82, 83: Home Alone - Part 1 and 2
Added: 25-09-2009
Directed by David Perry
Featuring: Clara G
Ok, so I know it's been a while since we've enjoyed some one on one time together, because as you know normally my house is like a disco with dildoes, filled with lots of crazy super beautiful bitches jumping around doing all types of wild ass shit...but not today. This time baby it's just me and you, I tried to make this video as instructional as possible so the next time someone tells you to go fuck yourself you'll know exactly what to do. Something I'm really into right now is the whole foot fetish thing, now is it just true for me or do all toes taste like martini bianco? And in case you were wondering, yes I do insert golf balls into my pussy, both fist, AND the mother of all giant cunt fuckers, just for you.

Episode 81 Amazing play date

Added: 09-09-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Mason Moore , Sunny Leone
Honestly guys you would have to stick your cock in a light socket to understand how turned on I was to be working together with two kick ass sex ninjas like Sunny Leone and Mason Moore. Now in the porno industry these two girls names are more famous than pussy itself and it's so easy to understand why; for example in this scene Mason Moore squirts like a human super soaker while having her perfect pussy pummeled persistently with a purple pussy plunger that's bigger than Goddamzilla, and she also gets fisted... I swear it looked like a fucking sexorcisim.

Episode 79, 80: Three deep - Part 1 and 2

Added: 29-08-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Tory Lane , Angelina Valentine , Clara G
What do you get when you mix a beautiful day in L.A., big rubber cock rockets, and three drop dead gorgeous Bitches with no sexual speed limits? Well...not grape flavored Kool-Aid that's for damn sure. I mean just check out the incredibly hot Tory Lane guys, her titys are so big that she could probably breast feed a body builder; and Angelina Valentine, well I just HAD to lick this girl's pussy just so I could steal her fuckin DNA. You guys just gotta see Tory SQUIRT a golf ball straight out the pussy. And Angelina has this amazing choke fetish that turned me on so much my pussy gaped...

Episode 78 I dream of Jeny
[Clara-G] Episode 78 I dream of Jeny
Added: 28-07-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Jeny Baby
It was such a hot summer day here in Budapest I was thinking: wouldn't it be nice to make a scene which involved lots of sunny fist fucking? So I picked up my trusty HD camera and went on the prowl for just the right kinda slut who doesn't give a fuck to do most of the dirty work because sometimes I just like to watch, so enter the Dragon...uh I mean enter Jeny Baby. I, for no apparent reason, find Jeny sitting in my water well waiting for fuck knows what, for who knows how long, dressed like the fisting fairy and because of that I feel that I really need to repeat my motto which is: "never let a bitch get bored you're just asking for trouble".

Episode 76, 77: Cruel Summer - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 76, 77: Cruel Summer - Part 1 and 2
Added: 15-07-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Peaches , Bambi
There are only three ways to describe the Hungarian summer guys, hot, too hot, and SUN HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?!!! It was so hot that pigs were complaining about sweating like fat humans. I was really happy that two of my great friends Peaches and Bambi dropped by for tea and dildoes, it's always a pleasure to watch these two sexy bitches fuck each other into a hardcore frenzy. I'm so happy that lots of fans feel exactly the same way. This time my two euro slut buddies get into some serious anal sex action, with each girl taking her turn getting butt fucked so deep, fast, and furious I thought the dildo was gonna explode...hot enough for ya?

Episode 74, 75: Angel Heart - Part 1 and 2

Added: 30-06-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Angelica Heart , Pure Angel
Angelica Heart's bigger than large super size tities probably could have saved the Titanic, but instead guys this sexy euro babe has joined me and Hungarian hottie Pure Angel in an effort to float your boat instead. In this scene I'm happy to announce that both girls caught a bad case of foot fuck fever and had to be treated right away and that's why I think this scene should be called "hoes fuckin toes". Also these two dark and lovely cuties play hello dildo with some really huge ass giant toys one of which seems to be about the size of Apollo 13: "Houston we have a fuckin problem these bitches won't stop fuckin"...Enjoy

Episode 72, 73: Blond and Beyond - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 72, 73: Blond and Beyond - Part 1 and 2
Added: 23-06-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Katy Cambel ,Anita Pearl
It's like 3 o'clock in the morning and I feel like my brain is trying to sleep but my pussy wants to go out clubbing, wanna cum? It's the day after our last live show and I'm lying in bed trying to read all the fan feedback. In our last show I had the privilege of playing hardcore hostess to two of the most willing sex models in the biz: Anita Pearl and Katy Cambel. This scene was custom made for those of you with a serious foot fetish and there is even some great POV action with me foot fucking Anita Pearl, she even tried to deep throat half a foot. Also Katy Cambel almost drowns a huge red fuckin dildo with her fantastic Olympic sized asshole...

Episode 70, 71: 3 FreeOnes need sun - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 70, 71: 3 FreeOnes need sun - Part 1 and 2
Added: 16-06-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Lea Lexis , Katy Cambel
You heard of double trouble right guys? Well this is triple, simple because Clara G, Lea Lexis, and that super hot model from the Czech Republic Katy Cambel joined forces in a crusade to fight the evils of boring bullshit and predictable porn. It was our job in this scene, or should I say our mission, to liberate the hearts and minds of those who think sex is just a naughty little four letter word...and then it started to rain so we cancelled the mission and just ended up fuckin.

Episode 68: Brave new world - Part 1
[Clara-G] Episode 68, 69: Brave new world - Part 1 and Part2
Added: 08-06-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Lea Lexis
That's right my dear friends it does feel like a brave new world because after our first live broadcast of a Clara-G.com shooting I have received tons and tons of positive feedback from all around the world... now that's some heavy shit. So what was the experience like? Well two words: fucking and amazing, in other words fucking amazing, it felt like my first time EVER...flying on a space ship "Clara G has gone where no whore has gone before"...STAR CRACK. Seriously guys thanks for your support, I'm also thrilled that one of my best girlfriends Lea Lexis had time to drop in for a fisting, she was Da bomb I couldn't shake hands for two days after fisting that bitch dam.

Episode 67: The L word
[Clara-G] Episode 67: The L word
Added: 25-05-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Sandy
I'm not a lesbian, I'm just a liberal who loves getting laid in the back of a long ass limo, and who better to share the ride with than one of my closest and dearest friends. Now you guys know her as Sandy and she is one of the most popular eurobabe models ever created. But that's not the only thing we have in common, we both run our own companies and we both love getting fisted at 75 mph in a 65 mph zone just so we can flash our tits at the speed camera. Now I warned you guys before, "never let a bitch get bored", you're just asking for trouble (in this case double trouble). So, in this scene with my girl Sandy, the L word is simply LOVE.

Episode 66: The devil wears nada
[Clara-G] Episode 66: The devil wears nada
Added: 11-05-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G
Wow guys what an amazing feeling of sexual freedom! It's one o'clock in the daytime and here I am walking down the street dressed like the devil's secretary... on a lunch break. Many dear fans have written and asked to see more of me on the website and I was so inspired by their ideas and suggestions that I decided that yes you will see MUCH more of me in the future. So believe me when I tell you this new scene with me dressed like a sexy sweetheart from hell will be just the warm-up.

Episode 65: Zorro G
[Clara-G] Episode 65: Zorro G
Added: 27-04-2009
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Regina Moon
Hello guys, you know it has always been one of my favorite sex fantasies to dress up like a character in some romantic novel and fuck the living shit out of one of my slutty fuck friends just for you. So now just imagine what a pleasant surprise it was for me to discover that the greatest sex fantasy of my girl Regina Moon has always been to wear a sexy black mini skirt, high heels, plus full make up and sleep in a motherfucking dog cage. In this scene the blade of Zorro has been replaced by a giant strap-on dildo and I also use the whip on this hot ass nasty bitch...

Episode 64: Navy Baby
[Clara-G] Episode 64: Navy Baby
Added: 13-04-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Angelica Black
Ok guys I know exactly what you're thinking right now "who is this cute little sailor bitch girl and is she really gonna pee?". Well her name is Angelica Black and believe me she IS gonna pee...a lot. And that's exactly why she's dressed in this fuckin sailor suit just in case this bitch starts to piss a river and we need a boat to float back to the office. Now there's one more thing you need to know about this girl, she has one of the sexiest asses in modern navel history and it is truly one of nature's greatest creations. So I think it's really lucky for us that she's deeply into anal.

Episode 63: Maid for sex
[Clara-G] Episode 63: Maid for sex
Added: 30-03-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Angel Pink
Listen guys, have you ever heard the saying "good help is hard to find"? Well this maybe true but just try finding good help who's also a dildomaniac, it's almost impossible let me tell you. But since doing impossible shit just happens to be one of my hobbies I gave it my best shot and came up with the amazing Angel Pink. Her entire resume consisted of the fact that she likes fucking herself with two dildos in both holes at the same time...I hired her immediately. And once I caught this crazy bitch cleaning the house and talking to herself with a huge dildo stuck up her ass I knew it was a wise decision because "hard help is good to find".

Episode 62: Gimme Hope
[Clara-G] Episode 62: Gimme Hope
Added: 16-03-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Cindy Hope
With that fabulous body Cindy Hope looks exactly like one of those Greek goddess statue bitches or something who fucked the shit out of Zeus and chased the money changers from the temple of Athens... it's a well known story. Anyway, today she is not here to seduce Zeus, instead as an exclusive for Clara-g.com, Cindy will do her first anal scene on camera (what she does at home is her own business). And quite honestly guys I don't know whether to celebrate or masturbate...this girl is so sexy.

Episode 61: Abducted by Alien
[Clara-G] Episode 61: Abducted by Alien
Added: 02-03-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Alien , Bambi
Hi guys, so many fans have been writing and asking me for a new scene with Alien that I thought now would be a perfect time for me to arrange the second coming. Now for most people who don't know anything about Astrobiology, Rare Earth Hypothesis, Anton Maria Schyrleus of Rheita or Star Trek, it would probably seem that a cucumber, giant dildo, duct tape and a sexy smile would not be the tools of a technologically advanced civilization; but Alien really shows how it's done in Area 51 (and all other areas as well). Her intended victim is sexy super slut Bambi who is one horny bitch just waiting to be invaded.

Episode 60: Sandy Silver Rocks
[Clara-G] Episode 60: Sandy Silver Rocks
Added: 16-02-2009
Directed by Karma
Featuring: Sandy Silver
Hi guys, you know I'm always interested in girls who have what we could call alternative sexual preferences and my girl Sandy Silver is definitely one of those girls. Sandy, well how can I put it, she's heavily into ROCKS - three of them as a matter of fact - deep inside her juicy pussy. I've seen it, I swear I've seen it. But I understand her in a way because most girls like the strong silent type and you can't get stronger or more silent than rocks. I bet they don't even talk to each other. And a rock will never leave you, change its mind or cheat on you with other rocks... hmmm Sandy Silver may have discovered the future of fucking.