LysXtreme Summer Play part 2
After enjoying the nature's beauty, time for picnic! A huge saussage for my ass, that's a gape garantee. After pounding holes until a have a anal climax, I toy my pussy with gaping prolapsing asshole. Then I get a big wine bottle deep down my ass!

[LysXtreme] Summer Play part 2

LysXtreme Summer Play part 1
Enjoying a walk in the nature, in sexy fashion, and a big buttplug in the ass. I stopped nearby nice bridge in a quiet corner to finish blasting my ring with the toy and my own fist.

[LysXtreme] Summer Play part 1

LysXtreme Anal bottle cans fist
Cans, wine bottle I've used all the bottle I found to bang my ass one more time. The wine bottle is very hard to put inside. Hard, but marvelous, an anal experiment wish my asshole will never be the same.

[LysXtreme] Anal bottle cans fist

LysXtreme Huge metal balls anal
In south of France there is game called pentanque, using big metal ball. This is my private version : some big ball in my ass. I love this game now but only if can play it with my asshole. The bigger anal beads you've never seen, promised.

[LysXtreme] Huge metal balls anal

LysXtreme Anal fisting
My hand is too small now for my large asshole, so i took a big plastic hand and lets go I've put it deep inside my asshole, i can't resit It's so enormous !!! A wonderfull huge fist. My hole was broken one more time for you.

[LysXtreme] Anal fisting

LysXtreme Anal Prolapse
For this movie i've find a news toys, one with 3 heads and The master plug. This one open my ass so much that i can make a amazing prolapse. A fetish video with my news friends and extreme anal of course. Chain clips on my nipples and giant dildo in my asshole you'll love it like i did, I'm sure.

[LysXtreme] Anal Prolapse

LysXtreme Anal destruction
First part : a new plug for my little hole.Black, big, hard like i love it. All inside me for better sensations. I broke my ass one more time. It's sure now i'am a bitch, but i love think you cum on your PC .

[LysXtreme] Anal destruction

LysXtreme Large asshole and baseball game
[LysXtreme] Large asshole and baseball game
It's time to play baseball but this time with the ball, the BIG ball. It enlarge my asshole very well. A new anal experiment.Very good ! Now i can take this gigantic plug. Come and see a very large anal insertion.

LysXtreme Coke can in the ass
Always c*ca-c*la. I've try a can coke. It's fabulous : a good toy for my ass. I love feeling it all inside me. I finished with a pretty big shaker deep in my little butt : shake my booty. Another extreme sessio, for extreme sensation

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Not just a double or a triple anal penetration. Four dongs in my ass !!!! You've never seen something like this. Very hard anal destruction. My asshole will never be the same after this. I love making movie for you !!!

[LysXtreme] Quadruple anal dongs

LysXtreme Anal billiard
[LysXtreme] Anal billiard
In this movie i filled my ass with billiard balls I'm the perfect hole for this game. In my pussy and my asshole at same time, for better sensation. You will see an amazing anal dilatation with my horse's speculum : my ass open as ever.

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Today, I want to check how many candles I can insert in my asshole. A lot actually : 9 candles. My ass have never been streched like this. It was very hard. An extreme insertion. You'll like it as i did, i'm sure.

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