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Milk Nymphos

Title: Milk Nymphos
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Jay Sin
Release Date: 2007-06-07
Featuring: Aline,Allison Pierce , Annette Schwarz, Buxom Candy 38 F , Kelly Wells, Lexi Love, Lorelei Lee, Sammie Rhodes, Sophie Dee, Andrew Andretti, Jon Jon
Summary: Jay Sin's kinky, ass-centric style translates to some truly creamy videos for Buttman Magazine Choice - in his new "Milk Nymphos," girls picturesquely blast milk enemas out of their asses!

Jay: I first saw milk enemas on some Japanese Website, years ago. I think it's a great fetish. It's either a big turn-on, or it grosses people out. I love when she's just about to push out the milk, and her butthole puckers. Seeing the visual of milk shooting out of an ass is so ... wow!

So how does a director cast girls for such, well, exotic subject matter? Jay says, "Call agents and say, 'I need some of the nastiest girls you've got.' It narrows down the field when you tell the agent the girl has to take a milk enema in the face from another girl's ass. But some girls actually enjoy this, and that's what I love to see." He sees what he loves especially from nasty Annette Schwarz, adorable Lexi Love and Sophie Dee, who "loved squirting into Lexi's face, and taking it in the face."

What are some of the special challenges with shooting a milk enema scene? Jay: Number One, getting milk on the camera lens. Girls fall - it's slippery. Electrocution, with plugs lying around, bottles falling - liquid mixed with electricity is not a good combo. It's definitely a big mess, and it sucks cleaning up. Driving home from a scene after a whole day, the car smells like sour milk - but it gives me a hard-on. Also, making sure the girls are clean - it's gotta be pure milk, no "cookies and cream." Usually girls do a little previous squirting for me, to make sure. That gets my heart beating. (For) her first squirt ever, she doesn't know what's going to happen, and it squirts out like a rocket - wow, this is going to be fun.

Was Jay a big milk drinker as a kid? Jay: Big time. Still am. Now he gets to drink it from sources more interesting than a carton... Jay: It's a buffet now!

Jay on ass: It keeps my heart going. I think my heart's actually got an ass inside. I could have a headless woman with an ass, and I'd be happy.

Milk Nymphos Scene 1

Starring: Lexi Love, Sophie Dee

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Milk Nymphos Scene 2

Starring: Annette Schwarz, Lorelei Lee, Jon Jon

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Milk Nymphos Scene 3

Starring: Buxom Candy, Kelly Wells, Sammie Rhodes

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Milk Nymphos Scene 4

Starring: Aline, Allison Pierce, Andrew Andretti

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Milk Nymphos BTS

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Milk Nymphos Outtakes

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