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Episode: v16046 Teaching Anita Peach
Name: Anita Peach
[TeachMefisting] v16046 Teaching Anita Peach
This week we have another new candidate for fisting, her name is Anita Peach and she's here to learn the best ways to fist herself. So, take a look at her scene now!

Episode: v16045 Teaching Wibeke
Name: Wibeke
[TeachMeFisting]  v16045 Teaching Wibeke
Wibeke is a dancer and she has a really tight body. Well, she's really flexible and her muscles are stiff, maybe that's why she was a tough student in our fisting school. Anyways, we managed, in the end!

Episode: v16044 Teaching Drew
Name: Drew
[TeachMeFisting] v16044 Teaching Drew
Drew is another total newcomer, and judging by her petite body I never guessed she's interested in learning how to fist herself. But she is, indeed, and we take another chance to teach a magnificent student!

Episode: v16043 Teaching Sonja
Name: Sonja Hunter
[TeachMeFisting] v16043 Teaching  Sonja
Here's yet another new girl, she's a bit chubby, but hey, we all like her cute natural tits - and her smooth pussy. She's a newcomer, so why not initiate her into the realms of real porn? And this includes fisting lessons as well...

Episode: v16042 Teaching Betty
Name: Betty
[TeachMeFisting]  v16042 Teaching Betty
We came out to the Danube for some fishing, but instead, we did some nice fisting! We found a rookie girl called Betty who was interested in our lessons, take a look!

Episode: v16041 Teaching Silvia
Name: Silvia Black
[TeachMeFisting]  v16041 Teaching Silvia
Guy, serious teaching with a serious idiot! She was perfect for this, she can put full hand in the pussy, I can put full hand in the pussy. She learned the hard way of fisting, nobody told her it will be easy. She came to learn not for fun. But for fun, grade: A!!

Episode: v16040 Teaching Eva Mendez
Name: Eva Mendez
[TeachMeFisting] v16040 Teaching Eva Mendez
Guys, the hottest day of the whole fucking year is here. We're sweating like animals, but hey, an even hotter girl is visiting us. Her name is Eva Mendez and she's here to learn the fisting basics. Well, to tell you the truth it wasn't an easy start for her but we're proud of our achievements!

Episode: v16039 Teaching Wickey
Name: Wickey
[TeachMeFisting]  v16039 Teaching Wickey
Wickey learned the pain and it was a really succesful teaching. She came with tight and small pussy and left with a huge fistable gaping cunt. Although it was painful to her, but she was really happy that she learned the most fashionable thing in today's sexual life. Grade: A!

Episode: v16038 Teaching Gita
Name: Cherie, Gita
[TeachMeFisting] v16038 Teaching  Gita
Gita is a perfect student, I tell you. I told her, baby, if you want to learn fisting, you have to endure and enjoy pain first. And since she was a superb student now she's a real teaching finalist!

Episode: v16037 Teaching Vanessa
Name: Vanessa Moore
[TeachMeFisting]  v16037 Teaching Vanessa
Well guys, Vanessa Moore is such a rgeat bitch... and we did such a great scene with her. And when I went home and wanted to watch the tape again to jerk off I realized my buddy Alexander fucked up the voice when recording the scene!!! I'm really sorry for this!

Episode: v16036 Teaching Yulia
Name: Yulia Bright
[TeachMeFisting] v16036 Teaching Yulia
Allright guys, this time we really do serious teaching! Here's an eighteen year old girl, Yulia and she hasn't even tried to fist herself at home. Well, it might be a long and painful process to learn it but hey, that1s why we1re here!

Episode: v16035 Teaching Lorna
Name: Cherie, Lorna
[TeachMeFisting] v16035 Teaching Lorna
Look at this guys! We found a perfect student! Her name is Lorna and we are in love with her!!! Alexander wants a divorce to get her heart, but hey, she has chosen me, heheh. Anyways, she was a good material to do the fisting with ;P

Episode: v16034 Teaching Steffie
[TeachMeFisting] v16034 Teaching Steffie
Here's a cute-faced angel called Steffie. Steffie is almost perfect, she has only one problem: she has a tight pussy, not suitable for fisting. But this time we'll teach her some tricks on how to stretch it more until she finally becomes fistable! Well, she won't be my favorite, but perhaps yours...

Episode: v16033 Teaching Ina
Name: Ina
[TeachMeFisting] v16033 Teaching Ina
Allright, yet another new chick... her name is Ina, and as I have said earlier, I'm pretty fond of her. Well, let's see how Alexander and me get to stretch her even more!

Episode: v16032 Teaching Jordan
Name: Jordan Green
[TeachMeFisting] v16032 Teaching Jordan
Jordan Green is a famous model now, we were lucky to caught her and teach her how to fist herself. She has a huge cunt, that i haven't expected. It was realy interesting to work with her, I liked her, Alexander doesn't realy.

Episode: v25031 Backstage with Violetta
[TeachMeFisting] v25031 Backstage with Violetta
Well guys we don't know what you think about Violetta, but me and my friend Alexander... well, we had a great time with this crazy bitch! Check out these vids for more!

Episode: v16030 Teaching Carla Denise
Name:Carla Denise
[TeachMeFisting] v16030 Teaching Carla Denise
Here's a new girl Carla Denise, she's brand new in porn. And as a rookie, she has only one weak point: she's not able to fist herself. So that1s why she visited us and we did taught her how to stretch her pussy, that1s for sure! She's wild and wicked, and she loved rought sex! Carla is now one of our ultimate favorites on this site!!

Episode: v16029 Teaching Veryica
Name: Veryica
[TeachMeFisting] v16029 Teaching  Veryica
Well, here's Veryica, a deaf girl... we're not able to teach her to hear, but only to fist her pussy! So why not? Just check out what kind of a student she was!

Episode: v16028 Teaching Veronika
Name:Veronika Jane
[TeachMeFisting] v16028 Teaching Veronika
Veronika is a very famous model in Venezuela. See, she heard about the best fisting teachers of the world, and now she's here to try her pussy. Finally we did teach an exotic stranger, don't you dare to miss this scene!

Episode: v16027 Teaching Victoria
Name: Viktoria Blond
[TeachMeFisting] v16027 Teaching Victoria
Check out this new girl, Viktoria Blond. We had such a great time together - and hey, we taugh her how to fist her own pussy! So watch her stretching herself and watch us stretching her ;P