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Episode: v16016 Teaching Dorina
Name: Dorina, Evelyne Foxy
[TeachMeFisting] v16016 Teaching  Dorina
Dorina, our lady love… She’s a captivating young sweetheart – who’s capable of the most extreme things. I knew she loves anal and she no problem with peeing for the camera, but I didn’t expected she won1t have any trouble with fisting… As we were shooting, her tiny pussylips parted and we saw her slit open up to make way for Romana’s rubber-covered slippery hand. That was one helluva sight, you could be sure. We truly hope you’ll be as excited as we were when seeing this blonde beauty getting a thorough pussy fisting lesson from us!

Episode: v16015 Teaching Daniella
[TeachMeFisting] v16015 Teaching Daniella
Allright, I know, Daniella is not that classic beauty, but there’s something perverse in being hooked up with a girl who’s rather ugly, but very enthusiastic to do everything for you. And when we say everything, we really mean it! Just check out her with that glass in her hand. She’ll measure how much pee she could swallow. And that’s just for exercise before the real stuff begins! This time we don’t start with regular dildos, but with baseball bat right away. And it seems she doesn’t need much time to work on her pussy, it opens up like a well trained… well, hole. Then comes the exciting part: she’s pushing her fingers into it with a kinky smile on her face. Got the point? That’s what I was referring to at the beginning!

Episode: v16014 Teaching Clara G.
Name: Clara G
[TeachMeFisting] v16014 Teaching Clara G.
Clara G. is our best client so far. She’s a hungry whore in a gorgeous body, to tell you the truth. But she’s in need of practicing one thing, namely, fisting. Now she has the chance to try her pussy with various objects like oversized dildos and hard baseball devices, just to get to the maximum stretch. It seems she does it all easily, like a warm-up for her pussy muscles before the great happening. She’s a true sportslady, and qualifies herself for the final as well – that is, she’s inserting her whole hand now! Take a closer look!

Episode: v16013 Teaching Zafira
Name: Zafira
[TeachMeFisting] v16013 Teaching  Zafira
Sexy schoolgirl Zafira has visited our fisting chamber today just to try out all our toys. Well, we have a few, from dildos to rackets, and everything is ready for getting into the depth of her pussy. She's doing really fine, she's all smiles as we insert the most wicked stuff into her teen pussy. And there comes the great attraction: now she’s doing it all for herself, finding the best pose for the fisting. Oh how good it feels to have a fisting student like Zafira at our little schools! This is A+, my dear Zafira! ;P

Episode: v16012 Teaching Cameron
Name: Cameron Cruz
[TeachMeFisting] v16012 Teaching Cameron
Personally, I always liked Cameron's temper, personality and her work. And so does Alexander, my fisting friend. That's why we thought we'll invite her for some fun – and offer her the chance to prove she's much better than these tiny teen pussies who could not even insert a normal sized dildo. So here she is, training with some regular sizes, and aiming for the baseball bat – which she soon receives. As she feels ready for the challenge, our 'helping hand' Zelda comes in and plunges into her pussy. Cameron's wide-open wet hole simply swallows her tiny teen hand! Yes, you're superb Cameron, that’s exactly what we like so much about you!!!

Episode: v16011 Teaching Britney
[TeachMeFisting] v16011 Teaching Britney
Every guy could have favorite girls, huh? We voted on Britney. Why? She's young, fresh, and always ready for some action. She has a great sense of humor and we always smile and laugh a lot during the shooting. This time we did funny faces too, but did not forget about our main goal: initiate this chick into fisting. This we did with starting a rather big dildo, but she seemed to cope with it quite well. So we decided it's time to switch to our good ol' baseball bat. Hmm, what a surprise, she's still doing good… Now, she says she wants to be 100% sure that everything works fine down there, so she takes the action into her own hand… or rather, puts her hand into her own pussy… ? Nice work honey, you are fistable now! Enjoy!

Episode: v16010 Teaching Avril
Name: Avril
[TeachMeFisting] v16010 Teaching Avril
See that? A little girl who thinks of herself that she's old enough to try all things including fisting. She's here today to get the ultimate stretch. And we're more than happy to offer her everything we could do. So, why not get started? First, our regular baseball bat comes into the picture, and with a bit lube, she seems to cope with it quite easily. Hmm, that's surprising… All right, now let's get down to brass tacks, here comes Zoli with his rubber glove again! This time Avril's teen pussy doesn't open up so smoothly, Zoli's hand is a bit too big for her. But she's enthusiastic and wants his to insert it deeper and deeper – until we manage to do it. Now Avril could call herself fistable – bravo, little girl!

Episode: v16009 Teaching Pocahontas
Name: Marie,Pocahontas
[TeachMeFisting] v16009 Teaching Pocahontas
Pocahontas is an exotic beauty with gorgeous body and huge boobs. But there’s only on thing missing now: her pussy is too small, as she says. That1s why she’s here, getting ready for the ultimate stretching with a baseball bat. Then comes our naughty Marie, who plunges into her wet pussy and stretches it to the maximum! Enjoy the great fisting scene of Pocahontas!

Episode: v16008 Teaching Barbara Voice
Name: Barbara Voice
[TeachMeFisting] v16008 Teaching Barbara Voice
Now, we couldn’t call Barbara an inexperienced rookie, she’s done modeling before. But interestingly enough, she hasn’t tried fisting yet. Could you believe it? Such a nice lady but still no guy to fist her pussy? Amazing! It’s a big luck that we’re here to solve the problem. So, let’s get started, we handle her a double headed dildo. She inserts one head and smiles, no problem yet. Now we suggest her to insert the other end as well, and enjoying the double dildo stretch. That’s a bit different now and she begins to feel the stretch and her muscles opening up. But we’re not done yet, there comes the huge one, to top her pleasures. Plus a baseball bat? Okay… Honey, now, try to insert some of your fingers. Your pussy is huge and wide- open now, trust us… See? It did succeed!!

Episode: v16007 Teaching Cassandra
[TeachMeFisting] v16007 Teaching Cassandra
Well, I don’t really know what to say about Cassandra. She’s a wicked little girl, with a lovely attitude to sex. Oh yes, and the main thing: she’s nasty as hell, let it be inserting really big toys or peeing almost half a gallon for us as an extra surprise! So, now I introduced her, let’s see what she can do with our massive toy arsenal. Why not start with a regular dildo? Too easy, she says. All right, let’s switch to a bigger one. Cool, she measures how deep it has sunk into her pussy. Now we move on to the baseball bat and a speculum for extra stretching, and now she could be sure that she’ll stand the test, she soon will be fistable!

Episode: v16006 Teaching Marie
Name: Marie, Stella
[TeachMeFisting] v16006 Teaching Marie
We thought Marie is not the type of girls who would try fisting at all. I mean, she has all those huge tits and stuff, so who would a gorgeous girl like her be interested in fisting? She said she wants to surprise her guy – oh damn! But once she’s here, let’s her give what she came here for. Right with the baseball bat we start, and after a good lubrication it easily slides in and out of her pussy. Nice, honey, but it’s time to go one step further. That’s what Stella , our assistant in this set also waits for. She puts on her gloves and impatiently starts to insert her fingers into Marie’s well lubricated, oily pussy. Since it slides easily, she goes even further and inserts more and more fingers until there’s no single one left – and her whole fist is inside Marie’s throbbing pussy, hooray!

Episode: v16005 Teaching Angela Winters
Name: Angela Winters
[TeachMeFisting] v16005 Teaching Angela Winters
You know, having Angela on our site is simply a must. Why? She has the most flexible asshole I’ve ever seen, and we’re happy to probe it with various objects and with our fists, of course. So, here’s the whole story: we met Angela. She claimed she has a tiny pussy that’s not capable of being fisted. All right, let’s try it! See, we did manage to open it up until a baseball bat could fit in comfortably. But still no fisting. Then Angela said, Hey, why not try to open up my ass as well?’ And that’s exactly what we did. A little fingering and a huge amount of Vaseline… and there the baseball bat goes, straight into her arse! Fine! Once done, why not grab a rubber glove and probe it again? Two fingers, three fingers, four fingers… yes, and five fingers! She could take her whole fist! Now let’s try if she could handle my whole fist as well… So, what do you think?

Episode: TeachMeFisting v16004 Teaching Tanja Teen
Name: Tanja Teen
[TeachMeFisting] v16004 Teaching Tanja Teen
You know, we really wanted to help this little teen Tanja Teen. But she chose such an awkward date to visit our fisting heaven that we ran out of lube and rubber gloves. The shops were all closed as well, since there was a bank holiday. But she looked really desperate. She wanted to learn fisting so much… Finally Alexander got an idea. He hurried to the kitchen and grabbed those big yellow rubber gloves he uses for washing the dishes, plus he also brought in a bottle of cooking oil. And with these primitive devices we also did succeed. Tiny Tanja Teen pussy was on my hand, like a living glove, I felt her warmth… And she left us later, proud to be fistable now!

Episode: Teachmefisting v16003 Teaching Betty Saint
Name: Betty Saint,Stella
[Teachmefisting] v16003 Teaching Betty Saint
Woohoo, two supercute brunettes team up to indulge in some hot lesbian fisting, what more can we ask for? It seems the girls can't get enough of our fisting lessons… which is good, don't you think? This time Stella fists Betty Saint (who's not a Saint at all) and both girls are surprisingly good at it. Stella must've taken private lessons as well, she really knows how to move that hand. And Betty Saint, well, it's clear she’s been practicing at home! :P Or was it just our baseball bat or our double headed dildo that made her pussy so open? Hmm, who knows…

Episode: TeachMeFisting v16002 Teaching Jane
Name: Jane
[TeachMeFisting] v16002 Teaching Jane
Ay, ay, ay, Jane is looking for her fisting Tarzan, and she will find him soon! I’ll be her Tarzan and as I put on my rubber gloves the fun could start! She starts with some pussy fingering but we feel it’s really slim for a fisting experience. So Alexander and I encourage her to use even more fingers until her whole hand slowly slides into her red-hot, fiery hole. Feeling comfy, honey? Make room for Tarzan as well! It seems she could handle my size of hand as well, she happily bends forward to receive my fist from every angle. Now, that’s the kind of girl a fisting Tarzan would immediately get for himself!

[TeachMeFisting] v16001 Teaching Trisha

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Episode: v16001 Teaching Trisha
Name: Trisha

Oh, Trisha’s such a sexy girl. Her exotic face and superb boobs are great. There’s only one thing that’s wrong with her: her pussy. She says it’s not big enough, and begs us to get a couple of oversized toys for her. So me and Alexander immediately get to the sex shop to get these extreme toys, this one (which, for me, resembles to a penis of a horse) and there we go! Trisha could freely experiment with them, and when she feels ready, she could use her own hand on her pussy. Which she certainly would do, trust us! :P