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Episode: v16063 Teaching Lois Black
Name: Lois Black, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16063 Teaching Lois Black
So, you were a good boy this year? Because the Fisting Santa has a nice present for you this season! And the present is... Lois Black, who's a fisting virgin, and she stretches her tiny pussy for the first time for you. Ready for the baseball bat and full fisting Xmas?

Episode: v16062 Teaching Trixy
Name: Petra M., Trixy
[TeachMeFisting] v16062 Teaching Trixy
Check out this new girl Trixy. She wanted to learn how to fist her own pussy, she was so desperate I cannot even describe it. Unluckily, she had to travel five hours to us, because she lives in the ex territories of Hungary, now known as Romania... Anyways, she's eager, cute and a good student. Check out how we improved the flexibility of her pussy!

Episode: v16061 Teaching Linda
Name: Linda Fire, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16061 Teaching Linda
Hey, hey, hey, check this out, a new girl is here, her name is Linda and she's a pretty little jew girl. Well, I rather call her Sergeant Linda, since she's a firefighter by profession. I don't know if she'll use her pussy skills in her job, but one thing is for sure: she's hot and she'll set you in fire!

Episode: v16060 Teaching Marcellina
Name: Bibi Black, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16060 Teaching Marcellina
How come we haven't spotted Marcellina before? She calls herself B.B. Black nowadays, but anyway, who cares? This raven-haired demon stretches her huge, gaping slit like there's no tomorrow, and we agreed that she made a perfect addition for our site! So don1t hesitate, take a look at her stuff!

Episode: v16059 Teaching Kissy
Name: Kissy, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16059 Teaching Kissy
I don't know if you seen Kissy before, she's a relatively new cutie in the jizz biz. But since she's a beginner, she needs sum pussy stretching first, don1t you think? Well, this is exactly what Alexander and me had in mind...

Episode: v16058 Teaching Greta
Name: Greta, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting]  v16058 Teaching Greta
Greta is one horny teen fuck. She decided she cannot love a full life without learning how to stretch her tiny wet pussy to the max - so she visited our famous teaching school. And I can assure you, she left satisfied, indeed!

Episode: v16057 Teaching Sylvie
Name: Petra M., Sylvi Black
[TeachMeFisting]  v16057 Teaching Sylvie
We've been waiting for Sylvi for months now. She just started porn, and such a fine bitch cannot get along without learning how to fist her pussy! That's why she finally visited us, and believe me, we did teach her all!!

Episode: v16056 Teaching Hadjara
Name: Hadjara,Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16056 Teaching Hadjara
Check out who we found last weekend! Two horny teens who are ready to learn something new - that is, they are ready for some fisting fun! Hadjara and Petra M. visit uf, so get ready!

Episode: v16055 Teaching Gina
Name: Gina Bitch, Jane F.
[TeachMeFisting] v16055 Teaching Gina
Here's a brand new girl called Gina. She wants to start porn modelling, but there's one really important thing she needs to learn before entering the jizz biz - and this is fisting! Our pretty helper Jane F. is here to teach and stretch Gina, make sure you'll check them out!

Episode: v16054 Teaching Aletta
Name: Aletta
[TeachMeFisting] v16054 Teaching  Aletta
Aletta's dream was really how to fist herself. She was really proud of it. Also this week we had our helping hand Jane, who really enjoyed to fist this blond whore. Good scene, dont miss it!

Episode: v16053 Teaching Candy Strong
Name: Candy Strong, Jane F.
[TeachMeFisting] v16053 Teaching Candy Strong
Well, look who's visited us today! It's a stunning babe, with huge tits and kinky eyes... and I cannot believe she has never tried out fisting before! Hey, why not do it now and teach her some trticks? Our 'handy' helper Jane will surely teach her some!

Episode: v16052 Teaching Malina
Name: Jane F., Malina
[TeachMeFisting] v16052 Teaching Malina
Malina is a newcummer, she just started porn shootings. And we invited yet another new girl to teach her to the secrets of fisting. So, what are you waiting now, just check out the videos!

Episode: v16051 Teaching Brigitte
Name: Brigitte
[TeachMeFisting] v16051 Teaching Brigitte
Brigitte is a chubby chick who likes spaghetti and chocolate. She said she'd been in food sex and fat girl sex previously and she's always ready to go out for a snack. Anyways, we intend to stuff her, but not with food, rather, we teach her how to stuff her whole fist into that fat little pussy of hers!

Episode: v16050 Teaching Winnie
Name: Winnie
[TeachMeFisting] v16050 Teaching Winnie
Now, check out who's here today for a fisting lesson... A mature babe called Winnie. And if you expect these older gals to have bigger pussies, well, Winnie might not be one of them - but we taught her how to stretch it further

Episode: v16049 Fisting with Sophie and Sandy
Name: Sandy, Sophie Moone
[TeachMeFisting]  v16049 Fisting with Sophie and Sandy
These gorgeous blonde babes were on holiday and guess what they did in their freetime? Yes, some nice fisting action... Check out the videos!

Episode: v16048 Teaching Jessika
Name: Cherie, Jessika Mai
[TeachMeFisting] v16048 Teaching Jessika
A supercute girl is visiting us today, who's having a mental block concerning fisting. Now, she has visited the best teachers - we'll cure her with the help of our keen helper, Cherie, who finally learnt how to do nice full fisting scenes!

Episode: v16047 Teaching Kristine and Iva
Name: Kristine, Iva
[TeachMeFisting] v16047 Teaching Kristine and Iva
Guys, I was on holiday in Croatia the week before and one day as I was walking in the harbour area of the town I spotted two girls who were hookers of some sort, looking for customers. I started to get in conversation with them, and in the end they agreed that they'll come and visit me soon. Well, here they are, let's greet Kristine and Iva, two hot Croatian fisting

Episode: v16046 Teaching Anita Peach
Name: Anita Peach
[TeachMefisting] v16046 Teaching Anita Peach
This week we have another new candidate for fisting, her name is Anita Peach and she's here to learn the best ways to fist herself. So, take a look at her scene now!

Episode: v16045 Teaching Wibeke
Name: Wibeke
[TeachMeFisting]  v16045 Teaching Wibeke
Wibeke is a dancer and she has a really tight body. Well, she's really flexible and her muscles are stiff, maybe that's why she was a tough student in our fisting school. Anyways, we managed, in the end!

Episode: v16044 Teaching Drew
Name: Drew
[TeachMeFisting] v16044 Teaching Drew
Drew is another total newcomer, and judging by her petite body I never guessed she's interested in learning how to fist herself. But she is, indeed, and we take another chance to teach a magnificent student!