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Episode: v16033 Teaching Ina
Name: Ina
[TeachMeFisting] v16033 Teaching Ina
Allright, yet another new chick... her name is Ina, and as I have said earlier, I'm pretty fond of her. Well, let's see how Alexander and me get to stretch her even more!

Episode: v16032 Teaching Jordan
Name: Jordan Green
[TeachMeFisting] v16032 Teaching Jordan
Jordan Green is a famous model now, we were lucky to caught her and teach her how to fist herself. She has a huge cunt, that i haven't expected. It was realy interesting to work with her, I liked her, Alexander doesn't realy.

Episode: v25031 Backstage with Violetta
[TeachMeFisting] v25031 Backstage with Violetta
Well guys we don't know what you think about Violetta, but me and my friend Alexander... well, we had a great time with this crazy bitch! Check out these vids for more!

Episode: v16030 Teaching Carla Denise
Name:Carla Denise
[TeachMeFisting] v16030 Teaching Carla Denise
Here's a new girl Carla Denise, she's brand new in porn. And as a rookie, she has only one weak point: she's not able to fist herself. So that1s why she visited us and we did taught her how to stretch her pussy, that1s for sure! She's wild and wicked, and she loved rought sex! Carla is now one of our ultimate favorites on this site!!

Episode: v16029 Teaching Veryica
Name: Veryica
[TeachMeFisting] v16029 Teaching  Veryica
Well, here's Veryica, a deaf girl... we're not able to teach her to hear, but only to fist her pussy! So why not? Just check out what kind of a student she was!

Episode: v16028 Teaching Veronika
Name:Veronika Jane
[TeachMeFisting] v16028 Teaching Veronika
Veronika is a very famous model in Venezuela. See, she heard about the best fisting teachers of the world, and now she's here to try her pussy. Finally we did teach an exotic stranger, don't you dare to miss this scene!

Episode: v16027 Teaching Victoria
Name: Viktoria Blond
[TeachMeFisting] v16027 Teaching Victoria
Check out this new girl, Viktoria Blond. We had such a great time together - and hey, we taugh her how to fist her own pussy! So watch her stretching herself and watch us stretching her ;P

Episode: v16026 Teaching Destiny
Name: Destiny, Stella Red
[TeachMeFisting] v16026 Teaching Destiny
Here's a new girl for us today, she's called Destiny. And her destiny is to be fisted! Our horny assistant, Stella Red helps her in achieving this!

Episode: v16025 Teaching Lilith
Name: Lilith
[TeachMeFisting] v16025 Teaching Lilith
See, here's an Ukrainian honey Lilith for us, and she looks better than ever! Alexander and me agreed that this is one of the best scenes on our site. He even said he'll marry Lilith... but instead, just fisted her properly ;)

Episode: v16024 Teaching Hazel
Name: Haley
[TeachMeFisting] v16024 Teaching Hazel
Here's a nice horny hottie for us today, and you could tell she's a newcomer to porn. But don't you worry, her shyness will fade away as we teache her how to use that fist and baseball bat on her pussy!

Episode: v16023 Teaching Kinga
Name: Kinga W.
[TeachMeFisting] v16023 Teaching Kinga
The best set ever! Kinga W. is my best student and I'm really proud to announce that her tight pussy swallowed my full fist all the way up to my wrist...! Alexander and me were quite amazed by its flexibility. This is the scene you shouldn't miss!

Episode: v16022 Teaching Missy
Name: Missy Nicole
[TeachMeFisting] v16022 Teaching Missy
Well, here's an innocent looking teengirl, visiting us for her first ever fisting experiment. And you don't assume these teens are rotten and nasty, don't you? Well, Missy is. She enjoyed not only my fist but the rough treatment as well. She said she enjoys to be beaten and treated badly... wow!

Episode: v16021 Teaching Evey
Name: Evey
[TeachMeFisting] v16021 Teaching  Evey
Well, here's our next patient, Evey . She's a beautiful exotic girl, at least I have a crush on her. And so she tried to amaze me with trying her own boundaries and fisting her pussy. To tell you the truth Alexander wasn't that enthusiastic for her... but I hope you will also like her! ;)

Episode: v16020 Teaching Stella Red
Name: Stella Red
[TeachMeFisting] v16020 Teaching Stella Red
Check out this horny redhead, Stella Red. She just started porn modelling - and a porn model has to know fisting as well, right? So she's here, to get some stretching lessons... and we're ready to stuff an array of extreme objects into her pussy, from pears to baseball bats!

Episode:v16019 Teaching Jasmin
Name: Jasmin

After Judith Fox there came another cutie called Jasmin. Jasmin reallly wanted to break the record of Judith Fox, who enjoyed the baseball fucking immensely. The competition was tense, and in my opinion it was Jasmin who won this round :)

Episode: v16018 Teaching Judith Fox
Name: Judith Fox
[TeachMeFisting] v16018 Teaching Judith Fox
Judith was such a horny slut. After our little sex session she said she has to get a baseball bat for home as well, since she got so turned on... I never saw something like that before! So.. I'm pretty sure you'll also enjoy her scene - just as she enjoyed this day with the fisting boys!

Episode: v16017 Teaching Tera
Name: Tera Bond
[TeachMeFisting] v16017 Teaching Tera
See, Alexander loves Tera, because he’s a pee maniac and he always could pee on her. I love Tera because I too can do whatever I wish to do with her. This time she’s here to improve her pussy flexibility. She starts with some finger insertions but come on, how would you expand your pussy with such tiny digits? Let’s move to our baseball bat - which also seem to be too small for this hole. We switch to a bigger one, which is fine for Tera, she seems to enjoy the new sensation in her pussy. That’s the point when I - and my fist - should get involved as well, so I reach for my gloves… You could see the rest here!

Episode: v16016 Teaching Dorina
Name: Dorina, Evelyne Foxy
[TeachMeFisting] v16016 Teaching  Dorina
Dorina, our lady love… She’s a captivating young sweetheart – who’s capable of the most extreme things. I knew she loves anal and she no problem with peeing for the camera, but I didn’t expected she won1t have any trouble with fisting… As we were shooting, her tiny pussylips parted and we saw her slit open up to make way for Romana’s rubber-covered slippery hand. That was one helluva sight, you could be sure. We truly hope you’ll be as excited as we were when seeing this blonde beauty getting a thorough pussy fisting lesson from us!

Episode: v16015 Teaching Daniella
[TeachMeFisting] v16015 Teaching Daniella
Allright, I know, Daniella is not that classic beauty, but there’s something perverse in being hooked up with a girl who’s rather ugly, but very enthusiastic to do everything for you. And when we say everything, we really mean it! Just check out her with that glass in her hand. She’ll measure how much pee she could swallow. And that’s just for exercise before the real stuff begins! This time we don’t start with regular dildos, but with baseball bat right away. And it seems she doesn’t need much time to work on her pussy, it opens up like a well trained… well, hole. Then comes the exciting part: she’s pushing her fingers into it with a kinky smile on her face. Got the point? That’s what I was referring to at the beginning!

Episode: v16014 Teaching Clara G.
Name: Clara G
[TeachMeFisting] v16014 Teaching Clara G.
Clara G. is our best client so far. She’s a hungry whore in a gorgeous body, to tell you the truth. But she’s in need of practicing one thing, namely, fisting. Now she has the chance to try her pussy with various objects like oversized dildos and hard baseball devices, just to get to the maximum stretch. It seems she does it all easily, like a warm-up for her pussy muscles before the great happening. She’s a true sportslady, and qualifies herself for the final as well – that is, she’s inserting her whole hand now! Take a closer look!