ProlapseParty Proxy Exam
[ProlapseParty] Proxy Exam
Date added: 2012-03-16
Featuring: Proxy Paige
In this scene Proxy meets with her gyno and he gives her a deep detailed analysis of her pussy. He teaches her new things and shoves multiple fingers deep inside and she has a real orgasm!

Episode: ButtPlays v600058 Destroyed Asshole
Release date: 2014.01.15
[ButtPlays] v600058 Destroyed Asshole
Starring: Jay Dee
Newbie Jay Dee gets her ass handed to her! JD shows us how a real anal fuck should look like, and how to take a dick like true anal angel. Her devotion is admirable, and she cums again and again while her beautiful tight ass being destroyed for our and hers greatest pleasure.

Episode: ButtPlays v600053 Slim Slam!
Release date: 2013.10.24
[ButtPlays] v600053 Slim Slam!
Starring: Rosa Mentoni
Slim babe Rosa Mentoni gets slammed and banged right into her tight asshole. Does she like it? She loves it! She rides that cock like a real cowgirl and we keep wondering how Yura's big dick fits into such a slender girl. Finally Yura loads the girl's asshole, giving her a naughty creampie, leaving the girl drained but happy!

Roxy Raye Riding Table Dongs
Added 07/12/2012
[Roxy Raye] Riding Table Dongs
Featuring: Roxy Raye
A table at a perfect height, several big rubber dongs with suction cups, and one horny girl... all of that equals this week's sexy update. I beat my holes up real good this week and gave you guys some perfect views of the damage I did...

Episode: AssholeFever v8077 Doctor Love
Release date: 2006.08.11
[AssholeFever] v8077 Doctor Love
Starring: Imogene.
Remember Imogene? When we first met her she was so shy, a real rookie. Now she's back and you could make a comparison of her sexual talent!

Episode: AssholeFever v8055 Sex slave
Release date: 2006.03.29
[AssholeFever] v8055 Sex slave
Starring: Evelyne Foxy.
Here's Evelyne, getting ready for a real butt bang. She loves to play the submissive sex slave, so why not take advantage of her desires?

Defiled18 Flick, 18 y. o.
[Defiled18] Flick, 18 y. o.
Starring: Flick
Poor Flick was in for a real punishment with her first time extreme sex! He gave her ass a good paddling before he finally stuck his cock inside of her asshole! Then Flick was gagged while he banged the shit outta her and treated her like a blowup doll. Flick was tied to the cross and he pounded into her from behind and spoiled this naughty little angel!

RoxyRaye Torture Time
Added 10/13/2011
[RoxyRaye] Torture Time
Starring: Roxy Raye
Notice for anyone with a fear of needles- This video update displays play piercing. A lot of people asked me if I would do play piercing on camera so I figured, why not? I've enjoyed it in the past. I first had the urge to try this in a sexual manner many years ago. As crazy as this sounds, I've been very turned on while getting real piercings and giving my blood, so one day I looked online for play piercing needles and wanted to give it a try.

Episode: AssholeFever v8030 Fuck doll
Release date: 2005.12.14
[AssholeFever] v8030 Fuck doll
Starring: Maria Columbia
Maria is a real fuck doll. She lets you to do everything with her - rather artificial - body. And that's why we are here, to test those huge tits, to ram that deliciously round butt and to open up that vergin asshole!

DoubleViewCasting Episode 0017 CASTING - Maria
[DoubleViewCasting] Episode 0017 CASTING - Maria
Featuring: Maria
Age: 18
Hardcore: yes
Oral sex: yes
Anal sex: no

This lovesome cutie doesnt look a thing like a pornstar, but she has a strong desire to become one. She looked so pure and innocent, but it all gone when our actor took out his meaty shaft. The girlie had a great time sucking it and balls, but the real fun started when she took it in her nice twat!

Episode: GapeLand v92079 Anal Training of Susie Pink
Release date: 2012.04.12
Starring: Susie Pink
[GapeLand] v92079 Anal Training of Susie Pink
Susie Pink is a splendid new find, a lovely teen who is ready to be anally trained by Markus and the crew. She warms herself up, getting all excited over a big, purple dildo. Then the girl switches the plastic cock for a real one, and hell, she really enjoys herself while Markus bangs her in the asshole, turning it into a gaping hole.

Episode 0161 Jazzy
Date added: 30 January 2012
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0161 Jazzy
Featuring: Jazzy
Here is something spicy for all teen girl lovers! Today we are having this adorable sweetheart Jazzy and her youthful body is exposed in all its beauty. Her tiny tits look so cute and innocent, but this little damsel is ready to show what a naughty girl she is in front of our cameras. Jazzy came to our studio to lose her anal virginity and before her extremely tight asshole will receive a real cock, we let Jazzy have some sexy time with a dildo. She almost got carried away shoving this toy in her rear hole, but our actor introduced this luscious teenager to his cock at the right moment. You can tell by her pretty smile that she enjoys having a bulging shaft in her nice booty and this smile doesn't come off her face even when our guy unloads his ballsack and covers Jazzy's face with his hot semen.

Episode 0075 Michi
Date added: 09 May 2010
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0075 Michi
Featuring: Michi
On your numerous requests we started to expand our models list. You want to see more hot teens from all over the world getting their virgin assholes invaded by thick cocks and its our pleasure to give you what you want. This time we went to Czech Republic to pick up a lusty girl who doesnt mind having her first anal experience recorded on cameras. After the long day of sightseeing (no, seriously Prague is beautiful!) we went to the local bar to get what we really came for. There we met a girl who seemed to be really bored and was ready to leave, but we just couldnt afford letting such a hottie go and after few more drinks and an offer she couldnt refuse, Michi (that was her name) was taking her sexy clothing off in our studio. At first it seemed that one guy wasnt enough to satisfy her incredible sexual appetite, but our actor proved to be a real man and fucked the hell out of Michis tight butthole what really cheered her up and she couldnt deny loving it!

Episode 0027 Sally
Date added: 26 May 2009
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0027 Sally
Featuring: Sally
The economic crisis struck the adult entertainment industry as severely as all offline business spheres thats why the girls coming to our studio are getting sexier and sexier day by day! Our todays model, adorable candy with nice firm titties and yummy pink nipples Sally is not an exception! Many of you like real teens innocent tarts who are, nevertheless, addicted to hard sex and to the pleasure that big cocks poking in and out of their asses deliver them. Well, Sally is a girl that matches this description perfectly. This chick is as hot as fire! Despite her innocent looks, she was working her ass out like a real pro. Of course, just like all other babes, she was definitely shocked at first when she took the cock up her bunghole (BTW, the cock was anything but little). However, after just a couple of frictions made by Alex, Sally stared rising the tempo herself! As usual, words just cannot describe the things you are about to see! Join in and enjoy this video down to the tiniest detail while watching it in HD quality.

Episode: GapeLand v92056 Anal training of Dusya
Release date: 2011.09.22
Starring: Dusya
[GapeLand] v92056 Anal training of Dusya
Nasty claims Dusya's top and maybe it doesn't even lie. Dusya is indeed a kinky youngster, and she always dreamed about being fucked hard in the ass, just to know how does it feel. She tried many methods under her cute panties, different toys, but today she will feel a real, throbbing, erect cock in her tight butthole.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72073 Anal teen angel Lioness
Release date: 2010.01.17
Starring: Lioness
[AnalTeenAngels] v72073 Anal teen angel Lioness
Check out this hot teen anal pumping gallery where Lioness and Oliver Strelly finally come to common terms and get real intimate. Watch Lioness undress and get her shaved teen pussy licked and fingered, and then check out how she sucks cock. See all the hot asshole fucking till Lioness gets a huge load of cum on her butt.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72009 Anal teen angel Kamilla
Release date: 2008.10.08
Starring: Kamilla
[AnalTeenAngels] v72009 Anal teen angel Kamilla
Wearing almost nothing, Kamilla waits for her lover eagerly. Once the lucky guy arrives she immediately gets down to brass tacks and grabs his dick to suck it real deep. In a minute she rides that cock like a real cowgirl, letting it slide in and out of her wet pussy. Once it's all lubed up by her own pussy juices, she leans back and opens her tight little ass also, getting an anal rump she would hardly ever forget!

Episode: GapeLand v92015 Anal training of Ioana
Release date: 2010.07.29
Starring: Ioana
[GapeLand] v92015 Anal training of Ioana
Gentlemen let us present you a nice young piece of meat on our teen ass market! Ioana is a horny newcummer and an anal virgin who has dreamed about anal sex so far. Now Mike Angelo is here to take her rectal virginity and to show her what real passion is! Come and see how she enjoys this new sexual experience and see that huge gape she got for the first time!