Episode: DpFanatics v6157 Bad girl
Release date: 2008.07.31
[DpFanatics] v6157 Bad girl
Starring: Ashley Page.
Ashley Page, this hot British babe flew all the way to Budapest just to try some Hungarian cocks! Not even only one, but three at the same time! She looks like the older sister of Blue Angel, a lot dirtier and bad-mouthed, of course - and cock-hungry for sure! Take a look at her debut double penetration scene, exclusively on dpfanatics.com!

Episode 55: Czech mate
[Clara-G] Episode 55: Czech mate
Added: 08-12-2008
Directed by Freddy
Featuring: Tarra White , Clara G
Well... I think you know how it is guys, some girls you wanna fuck and some girls you gotta fuck, Tarra White is a gotta fuck. I first met Tarra a few weeks ago at the Venus Awards film festival in Berlin were I'm happy to say Cruel Media won the award for Best International label although I'm sure if there was an award for cute bitch with the nicest tities Tarra would win two awards, one for each tit. Tarra is from the Czech Republic but she drove all the way to Budapest for my free dildo dating service only available to those girls who have a pussy and no problem with wearing a bikini in the middle of fucking winter.

Episode 26: Triple Banged in Budapest
Date added: October 25, 2009
Featuring: Jasmine Rouge
[AssTitans] Episode 26: Triple Banged in Budapest
ACTION: Hardcore Pussy Fuck
Jasminecomes in out of the cold of Budapest fall to show off her famous blowjob skills and all the different ways to fit 3 cocks in one gorgeous girl at once. First Clara gets her all riled up, then when the boys arrive she spins around the circle of dicks so fast you'd think she was taste testing.This is her first 3 guy gangbang ever...and the first time she fit two dicks in her pussy at once...and in her mouth at once.Holy shit.